A Dynamic Change

in Lung Function Assessment

Our mission is to provide zero-contact, non-aerosol generating technology to actively assess lung function, and to create reliable diagnostic pathways in order to establish an enhanced standard of care.

Our mission is to provide next generation assessment for patients and faster, smarter processes via our innovative SLP technology focused on tidal breathing, for the care provider.

Respiratory Assessment

Monitoring real-time regional respiratory function via movement of the chest wall

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Thora-3Di® Systems

Offer a fully integrated architecture in terms of hardware and software

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About PneumaCare

PneumaCare Ltd is a Cambridge based company, pioneers of the technology – Structured Light Plethysmography (SLP). Our revolutionary, respiratory imaging system provides assessment solutions, that are non-contact, non-invasive and non-aerosol generating. Breaking new ground, PneumaCare Ltd are at the forefront in changing the face of assessment in the respiratory field.

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PneumaView 3D™

PneumaView™, a remote workstation with full Thora-3Di® viewing and editing facilities and fully functional software capabilities

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