Our Products

Thora-3Di® product range is PneumaCare’s second generation of respiratory imaging and assessment devices.

Utilising the PneumaView 3D™ system operating platform and the PneumaView 3D™ analysis software, Thora-3Di® provides clinicians with real-time, non-contact, non-invasive and non-aerosol generating bedside imaging of a patient’s respiratory function.


PneumaCare’s vision is to provide revolutionary imaging technologies that increase efficient and effective patient care. Through the development of our breakthrough SLP (Structured Light Plethysmography) imaging technology, we are meeting that vision today.

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Thora-3Di® Compact

PneumaCare’s Thora-3Di® Compact has the same operating system as the full size Thora-3Di®.

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Thora-3Di® Infant

PneumaCare’s latest product in its range of non-invasive respiratory assessment and monitoring devices has been designed with paediatric patients in mind.

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PneumaView 3D™

PneumaCare’s PneumaView 3D™ software provides the operator with the ability to divide the image into defined regions for comparison of the patient’s symmetry of breathing. These regional contributions can be analysed by comparing the upper chest and abdomen or the left and right sides of the chest; detailing potential asymmetries that are indicative of respiratory-related issues.

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