PneumaCare® unveil a company rebrand in preparation for exciting 2021 clinical trial launch

PneumaCare® Limited, a Cambridge based medical device company, today unveiled a major rebrand in the forms of a new logo, colour scheme, and a major upgrade to the website. This change in identity reflects the recent evolution of the company.  PneumaCare® is preparing to begin two major clinical trials in the areas of using our technology to diagnose chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) and dysfunctional breathing (DB) in 2021.



Bart Lewin, CEO of PneumaCare® states, “PneumaCare® is at an exciting crossroads.  We are embarking on a pivotal COPD clinical trial this year that could establish our SLP technology as a powerful yet gentle diagnostic procedure with significant advantages over traditional methods.

Furthermore, in 2021 we will see the launch of our dysfunctional breathing study, which when combined with the COPD clinical trial, has the promise to establish PneumaCare® as a leader in breathing assessment.

The global pandemic has changed the face of healthcare; in many cases requiring new diagnostic treatment pathways for care providers and patients.   Our system, the Thora-3Di®, provides a non-contact, non-invasive and more importantly, a non-aerosol generating lung function assessment procedure.”

Breaking new ground, PneumaCare® Ltd are at the forefront in changing the face of assessment in the respiratory field advancing non-contact, non-aerosol generating tidal breathing assessments. Using Thora-3Di®, patients can be assessed while breathing naturally and without contact.

For further information about the company and how our technology could support your organisation please visit or contact us