PneumaCare® create groundbreaking Normative Value Calculator for tidal breathing

PneumaCare® Limited, a Cambridge (UK) based medical device company are pleased to announce today, the publication release of their research outcomes on Normative Values in Tidal Breathing, measured by using their patented technology SLP (Structured Light Plethysmography). The study has been researched and written by leading clinicians over the past three years, establishing PneumaCare® as SLP pioneers in the field.

Tidal breathing measurements can be used to identify changes in respiratory status. Structured light plethysmography (SLP) is a non-contact, non-aerosol generating tidal breathing measurement technique. Lack of reference equations for SLP parameters makes clinical decision-making difficult.

PneumaCare have successfully developed a set of growth-adjusted reference equations for seven clinically pertinent parameters of respiratory rate (fR), inspiratory time (tI), expiratory time (tE), duty cycle (tI/total breath time), phase (thoraco-abdominal asynchrony (TAA)), relative thoracic contribution (RTC) and tidal inspiratory/expiratory flow at 50% volume (IE50).

SLP data from clinical and research measurements were collected from multiple sites (Queen Elizabeth (QE) Hospital, Birmingham, UK; Addenbrooke's Hospital, Cambridge University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust, Cambridge, UK; University Hospital North Midlands (UHNM), Stoke-on-Trent, UK) were collated retrospectively.

This study has resulted in the production of an SLP normative value calculator developed to facilitate calculation of reference ranges for the above studied parameters. The calculator is colour coded to simulate a “traffic light” approach. In addition, it is possible to manually input observed values for each parameter and automatically obtain their corresponding z-scores.

PneumaCare’s CEO Bart Lewin, states, “The goal of this research was to provide an invaluable resource that will guide clinicians in their assessment, in turn optimize the treatment pathways for patients.  PneumaCare has been successful in developing these reference ranges for seven key measures.  Ensuring that clinicians and researchers can identify tidal breathing patterns in disease and better understand and interpret SLP and tidal breathing data.

This is an exciting time for PneumaCare®, the release of the Normative Value Research, combined with the launch of a pivotal COPD clinical trial could establish our SLP technology as a powerful yet diagnostic procedure with significant advantages over traditional methods”.

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Breaking new ground, PneumaCare® Ltd are at the forefront in changing the face of assessment in the respiratory field advancing non-contact, non-aerosol generating tidal breathing assessments. Using Thora-3Di®, patients can be assessed while breathing naturally and without contact.

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